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Workshop Registration Form

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Participation in Larry Winslett Photography workshops and programs, especially field trips, does involve some minimal risk of injury to persons and/or property, as would be expected with any normal outdoor activity.

I acknowledge that Larry Winslett Photography cannot inform me about all of the hazards associated with its workshops and how to avoid them, yet I freely and voluntarily choose to engage in Larry Winslett Photography workshops at my own risk.  The owners, agents, or employees have made no assurances, representations, or warranties to me that the workshops are safe and free of risk, and I state that I assume all the risks associated with the workshops.

I do hereby release, discharge, indemnify, and hold harmless Larry Winslett Photography, its owners, agents, employees, successors and assigns of and from any claim, demand, or action for any damages, costs, expenses, or obligations of any nature whatsoever, including, but not limited to, attorney fees in any way arising from any injury, loss or damage to person or property that I may suffer during, or in connection with, participation in any activity sponsored or conducted by Larry Winslett Photography.  This likewise applies to the management of any workshop site.  This liability release shall be binding upon my heirs, personal representatives, and successors and shall insure to the benefit of Larry Winslett Photography, its owners, agents, employees, successors, and assigns. By signing this Liability Release, I acknowledge that I am over the age of eighteen (18) and of sound mental condition, that I have read this document in its entirety, that I fully understand and comprehend all of its terms and conditions, and that no person has exerted any influence or pressure on me to sign this Liability Release.

Payment Information

The workshop fee includes daily instruction, personalized attention, selection of prime shooting locations and times, and image critiques.  The fee does NOT include lodging, transportation, public/private lands entry fees, or meals (but snacks and water are provided). A deposit of $100.00 is required for all multi-day workshops.  No deposit required for one-day workshops. The balance is due 45 days prior to the start of the workshop (a reminder will be sent 60 days prior to the start of the workshop).

Registration Completion

Print out, sign, and mail (or scan and email) the completed registration form along with your check or money order (payable to “Larry Winslett”) to:  Larry Winslett, P.O. Box 1962, Dahlonega, Ga. 30533.

Cancellation policy

  • There is a $50 processing fee if cancellation is necessary before the 30 days preceding a workshop.
  • There are no refunds for cancellation within the 30 days preceding a workshop unless a replacement can be found by you or Larry Winslett Photography.
  • There are no refunds for cancellations or no-shows after a workshop has begun.
  • If a workshop is cancelled by Larry Winslett Photography for any reason, participants will be notified as soon as possible and all moneys paid will be returned in full.
  • Please note that the workshop will be canceled if the minimum number of participants has not been reached by 30 days before the workshop.
  • Larry Winslett Photography is not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of workshop cancellation. Participants are encouraged to purchase refundable airline tickets and to consider purchasing trip cancellation insurance.
  • Larry Winslett Photography books a block of rooms at a special rate for each workshop. Workshop participants who make other hotel accommodations, must notify Larry Winslett Photography 45 days in advance of the workshop to release the room.

Suggested Equipment List For All Workshops

(additional equipment may be suggested at registration depending on the type of workshop)
  • Camera of your choice (all types and formats are welcome)
  • Camera manual
  • Lenses covering at least 28mm to 200mm’s
  • Spare camera batteries / memory cards
  • Tripod
  • Cable/Remote release
  • Polarizing filter (for all lenses)
  • Neutral Density Filter(s)
  • Camera bag or pack for carrying your equipment
  • An absorbent cloth
  • Hat
  • Rain protection for you and your equipment
  • Sunscreen
  • Knee pads
  • Notebook and pencil

Other Considerations

My workshops focus on developing sound photographic technique and composition.  You are welcome to shoot digital, color print film, black and white film, and/or slides.  The type of image capture is not as important as developing good photographic skills. The hiking for all workshops is generally minimal and easy, but good sturdy shoes are recommended for all outdoor photography.  As you probably know, weather can vary greatly during the course of the day.  Be prepared and dress accordingly.  Long pants are also recommend for macro photography as you will likely be getting down on the ground for some subjects.  For workshops involving water, wading boots may come in handy but are not a must.